Morcon’s products can help create a safe and healthy environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs with our high-quality napkin, towel, and tissue products. Schools, colleges, and universities alike heavily use paper products daily. Protect your schools by providing paper products that promote clean, hygienic habits. They can be used in many applications including cafeterias, classrooms, libraries, restrooms, and more.

Not only are schools a high-traffic area but they are also a facility that is in use many days out of the week. With students and teachers in classrooms daily, janitorial staff must make sure to maintain a constantly clean environment. Doing so requires using hygienic cleaning supplies each day and stocking them as well. Providing your janitorial team with strong and functional paper products will guarantee that your school will be safe and clean!

We have A+ products for the education industry!

When it comes to the restrooms at schools, choosing paper towels over traditional air dryers can help prevent the spread of illnesses. Air dryers have been shown to blow germs into the air, causing them to land on other areas of the restroom such as sinks, door handles, and even people. By using a high quality paper towel dispenser such as our our Valay® line of one-at-a-time dispensing systems, you’ll keep the dirt and germs contained within the towel and trash bins instead of spreading through the air.

Our paper products are not only cost savings focused but we also offer environmentally friendly options that could work in any area of your school.

Get educated on which products would be best for your school!