When it comes to the food service industry, there are so many areas of your business that come together to give customers a great experience. Restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, and other business alike, strive to provide great service that will have customers coming back for more. Whether you need paper products for the Front of House or Back of House, Morcon can provide unique solutions.  

We know competition is stiff, and price is a sensitive topic in the food service industry. At Morcon, our restaurant paper products are designed with hard-working restaurant and food service owners in mind. We offer a range of tissue, napkin, towel, and dispenser options at affordable prices so you can cut costs without sacrificing the quality your customer expects.

Proper presentation and dispensing are just as important as the towel, tissue or napkin itself. This is why Morcon offers a quality line of Valay® Dispenser systems. Each dispenser system is easy to use and designed to reduce waste while minimizing cross-contamination. Combining form and function, dining settings of all kinds will benefit from the high quality, one-at-a-time tabletop napkin dispensers. Additionally, the two-sided message panel can be used for advertising purposes.

High Quality Food Service Paper Products

Our team of knowledgeable customer service and sales staff are dedicated to help you face the challenges of the food service industry. Restaurateurs and food service business owners across the country have long trusted Morcon Tissues’ restaurant paper products to control costs while maintaining product quality. We believe in collaborating with our customers in order to understand their operation and ultimately their paper product needs.

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