When you are running a business, efficiency is key. Managing multiple vendors for your paper needs is a waste of time and money. Morcon Tissue offers commercial toilet paper, napkin, towel, and dispenser options so you can consolidate purchases under one paper supplier. When you can manage your inventory efficiently, you can get back to business that is more important. Make sure your commercial business is ready to face any paper challenge. Keeping your customers satisfied is important to build those relationships and experience that will have them coming back for more.

High traffic areas are places that have more foot traffic or activity. They are popular areas within your business. When it comes to high traffic areas, keeping up with the large amounts of visitors can be difficult. Since there is constant movement, you tend to go through more paper products, meaning there is more waste and more changeovers that can lead to more costs. Switching to high capacity towel and tissue products allows for more product on each roll, less changeovers and overall cost savings!

Affordable Commercial Paper Products to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Morcon Tissue partners with commercial businesses to provide unique product and service solutions. We are focused on providing a safe and healthy environment for our customers, their employees, and their visitors. Our commercial tissue experts sit down with each client to develop a paper product selection that meets their cleaning and washroom needs as well as support the bottom line.

Need high-capacity paper products for your high-traffic areas?