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10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2019! Even though we celebrate on April 22, Earth Day is much more than just a single day. It is a mindset and lifestyle we should be investing in.

We can all do our part to conserve, protect and take care of our environment.  See below for ten ways to get started today.

  1. If your work situation allows you to walk, ride a bike or even carpool to the office, then you should consider that. The less cars on the road, the better off the atmosphere will be.
  2. Why not volunteer for an organization that is environmentally focused? The Arbor Day Foundation allows you to get involved in the tree-planting movement which helps combat climate change, clean pollutants from the air and so much more.
  3. Get a recycling plan in place! Know what your local area accepts and research how to reuse or reprocess items such as electronic waste (home appliances TVs, batteries, etc.) which is a growing issue.
  4. Attend a local event for Earth Day – most communities host fairs, educational seminars, and even tree-planting parties. You can learn ways to continue environmental conservation after the day is done.
  5. Adopt an animal through The World Wildlife Foundationand you can support global efforts to protect animals in their habitats.
  6. Stop drinking bottled water! There are plenty of alternatives out there including reusable bottles and boxed water. The less bottled water you drink, the less plastic there will be in landfills and dumps.
  7. Take some time to enjoy nature. Go for a walk. Hike a mountain. Ride your bike through the park. Getting in touch with nature is a great reminder as to why you should be protecting your environment.
  8. Can you dig it? If yes, make your own garden. Not only will you save money by growing your own veggies and spices, but it will help enrich the area.
  9. If you’re looking for an easy way to start “going green,” then switch all of your bills to e-bills and online invoices. Save trees and stay organized with everything in the palm of your cellphone hand.
  10. Consider adopting a highway. You can gather coworkers or a group of friends to help clean up and take care of the roads throughout the year – littering is still a big issue!

As we said, don’t just focus on Earth Day – imagine how much you could do if this was a focus every day during the entire year! Today is the start of your new lifestyle. Comment below if you have another way we can celebrate Earth Day!

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