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2022 Plan of Action

Morcon’s strategy of delivering exceptional value to our customers is more important today than ever before. To further ensure that we deliver on this brand promise, we must continue to evolve and strengthen in these five important areas of our business:

1.) Strong Organizational Capabilities

Through teamwork, collaboration, training and communication, we will continue to improve our productivity, our quality and our response time to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.


2.) Competitive Manufacturing

We are investing very heavily in our business. From new palletizers and case packers to new state of the art production capacity being added throughout 2022.

However, with many costs on the rise, we must also continue to look for creative ways to reduce consumption, reduce waste and reduce spending while delivering greater value to our customers

3.) De-complexity

We must simplify everything we do. By focusing on shedding low-priority activities, we will work smarter and faster to meet our company objectives.

4.) Innovative solutions

New products are essential to any company’s success. This is essential to becoming a preferred and lasting supplier. We have successfully introduced a number of new items in 2021 and we have a number of additional items introducing in 2022.  Be on the lookout for a New Dispenser System!

Team work

5.) Supply chain excellence

From purchasing supplies to delivering product to our customers on-time, we’re all a link in the supply chain. Responsiveness is our key differentiator and the reason why customers say they NEED Morcon.

These “5 Must-Haves” is what the marketplace demands from all of us at Morcon! Our reputation as an industry-leader in creativity and flexibility relies on our ability to listen and deliver on what our customer needs. In addition, we must work tirelessly to deliver our products on time, every time. We are excited to start 2022 in a position for success for our customers, partners, & employees.

Working Together, we will win!

Stay safe,Joe RaccuiaOwner/President and CEO

    Morcon Tissue