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3 Easy Ways to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

It happened again, you came to the very end of the toilet paper roll. Instead of just switching it out and tossing the core, wouldn’t you love the opportunity to reuse and recycle it?

While toilet paper is a very important part of our daily routine when in the restroom, it’s fun to ask… what else can be done with bath tissue rolls? Here are a few different ways that you can use it AFTER it’s gone.

Organize your life

The toilet paper core can do more than just hold our precious tissue paper. Have a messy drawer or tangled cables? Use the core as a way to organize those messy wires. Place the cores around cables to make sure they do not get tangled again. Even use cores as pencil holders to keep your home office clean and organized.

Perfect stand for your phone

Don’t spend a pretty penny on a phone stand, make your own! All you need is a toilet paper core and thumbtacks. This stand can also act as a speaker for your greatest hits. Who wouldn’t want a 2-for-1 phone stand? For some inspiration, see what we did below:

Toilet Paper Core Phone Stand

Don’t lose your hair ties

Many of us know the struggles of losing hair ties and not having one when we really need it. Keep them together in one place on a toilet paper core! Just place the ties around the core and keep them in their usual place. They will all be there nice and neat for next time. You can even place your watches, bracelets, and other such items to help from losing them.

Hair Tie Holder

There are so many different ways you can use toilet paper cores! What better way to reuse and recycle than by using them around your home? Check out the websites below for even more ideas and hacks:

    Morcon Tissue