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Attention Building Service Contractors: We Have Your Paper Solutions

Building Service Contractors: Let Morcon Be Your Paper Supplier 

The world of Building Service Contractors is evolving rapidly, with shifting regulations and a growing focus on health concerns. All these factors cause BSC owners and purchasers to be on the lookout for cost-effective, labor-reducing, and environmentally friendly solutions.  

Over the past few months, Morcon has taken a very dedicated approach to providing tailored solutions for BSCs. Our recent initiatives, such as joining NSA (National Service Alliance), achieving Green Seal certification, and obtaining select FSC certifications, showcase our commitment to leading the charge in serving BSCs.   

This is a new market segment for Morcon but one that we are poised and ready to serve with excellence as we move through 2024.  

In July 2023, Morcon took a monumental step by joining NSA as a Strategic NSA Supplier Partner. This marked the beginning of a journey to connect with new Building Service Contractors (BSCs). As Morcon looks to elevate service standards and gain an understanding of the BSC and NSA markets.  

These past few months have been a masterclass for our sales team, dedicated to honing their expertise. Key SKUs such as the 800ft towel, JRT, multifold napkins, and Greenseal certified items have stood out as vital SKUs for BSC business. Each of these product’s underscores BSC’s evolving need for hygienic and high-capacity solutions.  

Green Seal Initiatives: 

 The R6800 (800FT roll towel) and M99 (JRT) are the first of our Greenseal certified products. The benefits of Green Seal certified items are vast. This certification is often required for “regulatory compliance”, that is needed for government, educational, and manufacturing business. This new project for Morcon is the first but very important step as we know sustainability is the way of the future. We are dedicated to finding new ways to lessen our carbon footprint and minimize our environmental impact for future generations to come.  




A Hygiene-Focused Approach:  

In alignment with the cost-effective needs of the BSC market, they must also meet an expectation of hygiene. The effects of covid-19 are great, meaning the demand of clean practices has never been higher. Our interfoled napkins and rolled towel line provides the perfect solution.  

The Valay Intefolded Napkins, can boast an expansive offering; kraft & white, 3 different paper grades, and customizable dispensers. While being single-use and incredibly hygienic. The V fold design allows for limited dispensing. Additionally, a unique feature of this line offers a good, better, best approach. Meaning all customers can find their perfect napkin within their budget.  

Valay® Advantage System

Our toweling line has emerged as a key player in enhancing hygiene protocols. Rolled towels offer a measurably more hygienic solution by being 27 times cleaner than standard hand dryers. Additionally, they can be used to prevent cross contamination across common services. Keeping in line with facility manager’s hygiene needs, Morcon has a high-quality line of towel dispensers that works with both commodity and propriety towels.    


Elevating Capacity Standards:  

BSCs are more than bathroom cleaners; they are facility managers. Our 10″ towel line, featuring patented anti-tabbing technology, ensures no more littered floors. Saving time and money.  

Choosing from our expansive line of 10” toweling can be difficult given all the options. We offer a wide range of products, from 100% recycled, TAD, and white. Additionally, Morcon provides high-capacity options (700-800ft) for reduced change-outs. Or our smaller TAD (500-550ft) which is ideal for breakrooms, kitchens, or even washrooms.  

Top Grossing Tissue: 

High capacity is the way of the BSC. Our most popular tissue SKUS with BSC business being; M1000, M99, and M29. All of which focus on increased capacity. Less frequent change outs. All while being cost effective. Elevate your BSC game with the power of increased capacity.  

 M1000- The Coreless Alternative  

  • Alternative to the majors: perfect project for convert coreless compact SKUs 
  • Extended Footage: 1000 sheets in every roll  
  • Ideal for commercial settings; offices, hotels, and public spaces  

M29 – The Price Fighter Solution: 

  • Best for high-traffic venues with 625 feet per roll  
  • Affordable without compromising quality 
  • Perfect for businesses seeking a budget-friendly option without sacrificing performance 

M99 – Premium Quality with Greenseal Certification 

  • Crafted from premium virgin paper 
  • Greenseal certified for environmental sustainability 
  • Offers significant cost savings in use, with an impressive 1,000 feet per roll 

 A commitment to the future:  

 Morcon has taken great strides to better understand the BSC market, but there is still so much more for us to learn. With our newfound NSA partnership, we will continue down this path by attending local events, national meetings, and speaking with facility experts. We are excited to grow BSC relationships and service these facility teams with the paper solutions they need to remain hygienic and efficient. Stay tuned for additional product offerings and service solutions tailored to this market segment.

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