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Creating a Great Place to Work at Morcon!

Here at Morcon, we value the company culture we have all built. At its core, a company’s culture is the shared set of values, behaviors, and shared vision of that workplace. Our core values: respect, responsibility, and creativity, are on the forefront of what we do. From our sales, to our customer service, and even to our products. Our ability to respectfully collaborate allows us to introduce creative solutions for our customers and partners.

Everyone at Morcon plays a role in creating and shaping our company culture. It is important to our business to have people with different backgrounds and perspectives, especially when we come together and work as a team to tackle any kind of challenge. All the roles that our employees’ hold is what shapes us as an organization. Each role is essential in keeping daily operations going and functioning, as well as growing the business and reaching greater goals.

Expressing to each team member they are a valued asset to the organization is what we like to do! We enjoy recognizing the small things such as each employee’s birthday, milestones, achievements, recognition of hard work, and more. We hold many different employee engagement events throughout the year. For example, we hold Friday lunches, Wellness Wednesdays, Spirit Week, cookouts, concerts, baseball outings, and so much more! A token of appreciation for our employees and their hard work and dedication to the business.

We want our team to be proud of where they work. Not only do we offer great benefits and fun team events but also making physical changes within our facilities! We have added a new coat of paint on the SC production floor, added new branding decals in corporate and new signs around our NY facility. We have also made great investments in our machines, website and our overall way of doing business.  Though these are small changes for now, we hope to continue making more that will make our employees proud to work for Morcon.

Without our amazing and hardworking employees throughout each of our locations, Morcon would not be where we are today! Every one of our Morcon team members is making a difference in the future of this company. Thank you for rollin’ with us!

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