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Cut Costs & Waste with the Valay™ Interfolded Napkin System

Valay Interfolded Napkin Tabletop Dispenser

Sick of Wasted Napkins?

A common challenge that we see every day in break rooms, diners, pizzerias and cafes is people grabbing handfuls of napkins. Sometimes only using only a couple and then throwing the rest away. It not only means you’re paying for napkins people don’t use, but dispensers constantly have to be refilled and you need extra storage space for additional napkins.

Reduce Waste with Interfolded Napkin Systems

If this sounds familiar consider switching to Valay™ Nap and our Valay Nap Dispenser. Our interfolded napkins come in 1 and 2-ply and in white and kraft napkins. The Valay Nap Dispenser has smooth one-at-at-time dispensing and quick loading. This means people only take one napkin at a time and you refill less, thereby reducing waste, controlling costs, and requiring less storage space for napkins.

If the Valay Interfolded Napkin System sounds like something that might work at your facilities give us a call today at 518-677-8511.

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