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Valay® Paper Dispensers Add Value to Your Facility




Valay® Dispensers 

“Value in Valay®” is just not a catchphrase for us at Morcon. We truly believe that you are getting the best value from your paper products, whether they are napkins, tissues, or towels.

When pairing our paper products with corresponding Valay® Dispensers, the combination offers additional benefits including cost savings, efficiencies, and a sleek look.


Our well-known Valay® Interfold Napkin System is one of the best in the game! Besides offering strong and durable napkins, in both 1- and 2-ply and in Kraft and White, the NT111 takes these napkins to a different level. This 2nd generation tabletop napkin dispenser features one-at-a-time dispensing that encourages everyone to use less napkins. It can help reduce waste by at least 25%! Plus, it is manufactured in the USA.

It also features two side panels that are perfect for promoting your brand, food specials or even for other businesses to utilize as paid ads! Check out our Valay® marketing tool on our website to customize and make your own ad. It’s that easy!


With toilet paper being the most sought after item everywhere, be sure that you have a dispenser that makes it last longer. Our VT1006  is a great pair for our small core, high-capacity tissues! With quality rolls and a new, compact, durable tissue dispenser, you can expect less changeovers and reduced labor costs. This new design is Made in the USA and also features braille, which makes it ADA compliant.

Looking for a high capacity mini jumbo roll bath tissue dispenser? Our VT1003 features up to 1500 feet of capacity! Designed for use with our VT110 premium mini jumbo roll bath tissue, the VT1003 commercial tissue dispenser has a dual roll system for high-traffic environments.

Add this mini twin bath tissue dispenser to your line up today!


Lastly, our towel line also offers two great dispensing options: the VT1008 & VT1010. Pair our extensive line of 10-inch towels with the VT1010. This dispenser features automatic dispensing, making it hands-free, and ideal for many different facilities where hygiene is key. Our 10-inch towels are compatible with most universal 10″ dispensers in the market.

The VT1008 is part of our proprietary Valay® towel system as the perfect complement to our .875” core VT777, VW888 and VK999 towels. When paired together you can reduce waste and labor costs with less roll changes and longer lasting rolls. This new sleek design is perfect for any high-traffic setting and is hands-free!

Seeing the newfound value of dispensers, many facilities are switching to reduce the spread of germs and save money. If you are looking for the best option for your business, give us a call or email us at [email protected] to speak with one of our team members and see which dispensing option fits your needs!

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