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Why Eco-Friendly Kraft Napkins Are the Right Choice for Your Business

Communities are becoming much more concerned with protecting the environment. If you are the owner of a business or simply a concerned citizen, focusing on being greener could help save you money and lessen environmental footprint. There are many ways to invest in eco-friendly business practices, but one simple, yet effective change is to switch to Kraft Napkins.

Have You Heard About Morcon’s Kraft Napkins? If you’re looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint without breaking the bank, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Kraft napkins are an environmentally friendly and economic solution for various applications. Not only are these commercial products durable, absorbent, and ideal for high-traffic areas, they are also free from dyes, BPA and other harmful substances. Their brown coloring is a reminder that they weren’t made with harsh chemicals containing bleach or chlorine dioxide.

Our Kraft Napkins contain:

100% Recycled.

100% Post-Consumer.

100% Satisfaction. 


These napkins are not just 100% recycled, but they also meet EPA guidelines for post-consumer content. While white napkins may put across a “cleaner” vibe, kraft napkins perform just as well as their bleached counterparts. With a variety of size options available, we offer an affordable kraft napkin for every application. Therefore, switching to kraft napkins should be an easy first step when a business makes the decision to “go green.”

See below for additional kraft napkin product details:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPlySize (in.)PackPer CaseCases Per Pallet
5000VNInterfolded Napkin26.5 x 8.2512/5006,00063
1517KDinner Napkin115 x 1732/1414,50030
1213KJunior Serve Dispenser Napkin111.5 x 1324/2506,00035
D1217KSenior Serve Dispenser Napkin111 x 1724/2506,00030


Kraft Napkin Product Focus

ValayInterfolded Napkins reduce consumption and waste up to 25% when combined with the ValayNT111 one-at-a-time napkin dispensing system. Encouraging customers to use fewer napkins, ValayInterfolded Napkins are ideal for high-traffic venues looking for an economical, but environmentally friendly option. Quick-service restaurants, stadium concession stands, office breakrooms, ice cream shops, pizzerias, and cafeterias can all benefit from these high-quality, disposable napkins.


Other Ways to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly:

  1. Change printer settings to double-sided paper
  2. Buy recycled printer paper
  3. Communicate via email, phone or online services
  4. Use biodegradable or natural cleaning products
  5. Replace all bulbs with compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights
  6. Add solar panels to your building it receives a lot of natural sunlight
  7. Keep the office at a reasonable temperature
  8. Use public transportation or alternative methods like bicycles


Overall, you can become more environmentally friendly by embodying the three R’s in your place of work– re-use, reduce and recycle.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Americans are producing waste that could fill 63,000 garbage trucks every day.  What many people don’t realize is that half of the garbage we throw out can be reused or recycled.


Need a reminder about what can be recycled?

  • Paper: Corrugated cardboard, magazines, office paper, newspaper, juice cartons, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, shredded paper, empty coffee cups, and brown paper bags
  • Plastic:  Food/beverage containers, plastic cups, milk/water/juice jugs, plastic bags, traffic cones, credit cards, soap bottles, gardening hoses, egg cartons

Any step you take towards making your business eco-friendly is a step in the right direction!

But keep in mind that investing in kraft napkins is one simple way to get started today.  Go kraft in a quick-service restaurant, concession stand, breakroom, candy shop, deli or other food-serving environment, and this small change can have a big impact (on both your bottom line AND the environment).

 To learn more about this eco-friendly, affordable option call 518-677-8511.



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