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Get To Know Our Two Locations

Morcon has two locations, Great Falls, South Carolina and Cambridge, New York that serve the eastern U.S. and parts of the Midwest. They are equally picturesque and both have populations around the 2000 mark.

Cambridge, NY Headquarters

Our headquarters are in Cambridge, NY, where we employ about 90 people. Cambridge is often described as a quintessential farm town in the rolling hills of Washington County. For all of us it is a place where kids still play ball until the sun sets in the West and as you go to the market to buy a pint of milk people say hello. Each year we support the sports teams and invite students in for job shadowing. We consider it our responsibility to participate in the community, but the truth is we genuinely enjoy it. The pace of Cambridge lends itself to our mission of quality products from a team dedicated to safety, efficiency, and pride.

Great Falls, SC Manufacturing Plant

Great Falls, SC is home to our second operation, which is fitting as the town has a long history of being a stage for industry. Originally known as Catawba Falls, for the waterfall along the river, Great Falls was where Duke Energy got its start. We have 120 people working and living in Great Falls. One of the great treasures of the town is the Rocky Creek Trail, a wonderful 2.4 mile trail along the Catawba River.

Whether you find us at our 518 or 803 area code, our teams share systems and goals that keep us connected as we roll out the Morcon product line. Our goal is to be worthy citizens and valued vendors, doing our part in different parts of the country to create jobs, products, and value. Interested in learning more about Morcon Tissue? Read more about us here or give us a call at 518-677-8511.


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