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Good, Better, and BEST Interfold Napkins for Your Business

Who doesn’t like options?! When shopping for anything, including paper products, getting the best value out of the items you buy is the ultimate goal. Knowing how you will use the product and understanding its features and benefits should guide your final purchase decision.

As your paper consultant, we want to offer you product options that will cater to your needs! This is why we offer good, better, and best options within our Valay® Interfold Napkin System. Call in the Valay® Advantage system, or VAS, for short.

Our VAS allows your business to save money, reduce waste, and minimize cross contamination. Along with these benefits, our tabletop napkin dispenser is customizable and can be used as ad space to further enhance your customers’ experience.

Eyeing Interfolds


Let’s begin with our good offering: 4545VN & 5050VN. Available in both white and kraft, these 1-ply napkins are more than meets the eye. They are 88% BRIGHTER, 2 times THICKER, and 159% STRONGER than the leading competitor 1-ply napkins. A mighty napkin for a fraction of the cost.

Talk about a great alternative to the majors!

Application: perfect for restaurants, concession stands, breakrooms, ice cream shops & more!


Our better offering includes the 4300VN & 5300VN. These 2-ply napkins are a great economical option that reduces costs and waste, especially when paired with our NT111 dispenser. Available in both white and kraft, these napkins are a step above our 1-ply SKUs yet at a lower cost than the majors.

Application: ideal for high-traffic restaurant environments, offices, stadiums, & more!


Last but certainly not least, the 4500VN & 5000VN are the best of the best! These 2-ply napkins are strong, absorbent and ready to tackle any mess. You are given a premium product, at an economical cost. These napkins are also available in white and kraft. Not only are they better than the alternative, but they are also bigger! Our v-fold interfolds have the same folded footprint as the industry leading 1-ply quarter-folds.

Application: good fit for quick-service restaurants, ice cream shops, pizzerias, stadium concession stands & much more!

Good Better Best

Morcon is all about providing options that cater to our customers’ needs! Looking to take advantage of the Valay Advantage System but need to understand which is the item, for you? Connect with us today!

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