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Paper Towel Converting Company Sees Continuous Growth

Delivering quality and affordable products on a consistent basis for our customers has been our top priority from day one. We opened our doors over 30 years ago and in the past three years we’ve been growing at double digits each year. We attribute our growth to the great partnerships we’ve developed with our customers and key suppliers along with our continued commitment to service, value and quality.

In order to maintain high quality standards as well as service excellence as we expand, we have invested heavily in growing our production facilities in New York and South Carolina. We produce the majority of our line of products in the United States. We are working toward creating additional facilities and United States jobs to meet future production demands. For current demands that we cannot fulfill in our facilities we have outsourced product from the U.S., Canada, China, Mexico, and France. We have established trusted associates in all of these countries that have the same commitment to quality and emphasis on safety and teamwork that we have.

Closely monitored overseas production and our own facilities growth and investments have made it possible to serve all of our customers in the best possible way. Rest assured, all products, made here in the United States and overseas, are checked by us to ensure the highest quality standards.

As always, regardless of how fast we are growing, you still have direct access to us. Contact any of us with questions!

Joe Raccuia, Owner & President

Laura Morris, VP of Sales

Mark Michalisin, VP of Business Development

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