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Healthcare Facilities: Buying Guide

Promote Hygiene in Healthcare With Safe Paper Products

Medical and healthcare facilities’ top priority continues to be the safety of both their staff and patients. Being able to provide them with hygienic solutions in all areas of the building is important for everyone’s health.

Based on studies from the Mayo Clinic and the Journal of Hospital Infection, paper towels and other disposable products play a big role in cleanliness and keeping germs at bay.

Through the below buying guide, we review some of the areas where our paper products can be a perfect fit for your business.

Healthcare environments can encompass hospitals, doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities, dentist offices, clinics, nursing homes, and more. While each establishment’s layout is unique to their field of work, many tend to share a few of the same touch-point areas.

Waiting Areas

It is extremely common for healthcare facilities to have waiting areas for their patients and family members. This is usually the first place that people walk into and ironically, they may spend most of their visit in that very spot. Having a few packs of facial tissue and hand sanitizer will allow your visitors to feel at ease knowing that sanitary options are readily available if needed.

Waiting Room

Front Desk

The same products will work for your front desk area. Here, interactions between employees and visitors will happen throughout the day. Make sure both sides are protected by having hygienic options of hand sanitizer and facial tissue if needed. In case of bigger spills or accidents, paper towels and napkins can be kept in storage closets.


One of the most important places to keep clean and well stocked are the restrooms. Many health-threatening germs are present in public restrooms. Whether they are the employee bathrooms or patient bathrooms, maintaining their cleanliness is necessary for everyone’s health and safety.

Having paper towels available over air dryers can help keep germs contained. Paper towels reduce their spread and cross-contamination. Morcon offers an extensive line of 10-inch towels, including TAD, which can protect visitors from bacteria. In fact, single-use, disposable paper towels is the preferred method of hand drying in health care. Along with minimizing germs, you can reduce waste and cut costs with high-capacity roll options in our lineup.

Morsoft W106 10 IN White Roll Towel Morsoft M610 TAD Paper Roll Towel Valay VT106 10 IN TAD Towel Valay VT8010 10 IN TAD Roll Towel Morsoft R106 10 IN Kraft Roll Towel

Make sure you stock-up on bath tissue as well. We offer a variety of specialty and jumbo roll tissues. With 1 and 2-ply options and various sheet count available, choose the one that works best for your patients and employees. Take your bathroom a step above with our VT1006 Valay® Tissue dispenser. The VT1006 is a small core tissue dispenser that pairs perfectly with our small core tissue line: M1000, M250, M2000, & M125. When paired together, you can be sure of reduced labor costs and longer lasting rolls with this tissue system.


Breakrooms are spaces for employees to relax and enjoy lunches or snack breaks. Keeping it stocked with disposables is a great way to minimize cross-contamination. Consider investing in tabletop dispensers. These types of dispensers, like our NT111, are great one-at-a-time dispensing solutions that are easy to use. The NT111 fits our Valay® Interfolded napkins: 4500VN, 5000VN, 4545VN, & 5050VN; together they make a great pair to help reduce waste and costs, while still delivering superior quality. Another great feature of this tabletop dispenser are the message panels on each side. Make customized messages to share with employees easily with our Value-Ad tool.

Valay NT111 Tabletop Interfold Napkin Dispenser Valay 4500VN 2-Ply White Interfolded Napkin Valay 5000VN Kraft 2-Ply Interfolded Napkin Case Valay 4545VN 1-ply White Interfolded Napkin Valay 5050VN 1-ply Kraft Interfold Napkin

Consider installing paper towels dispensers in this room as well! They are perfect for spills, general cleaning, and hand drying. Our VT1008 is our proprietary dispenser that fits our proprietary line of towels: VT777, VW888, & VK999. Our VT1010 is our 10-inch towel dispenser that fits most universal 10-inch towels as well as our 10-inch towel line: VT8010, VT106, M610, W106, & R106.

Examination Rooms

Examinations rooms are arguably one of the most important rooms inside healthcare facilities. Patients, nurses, and doctors will interact with one another the most here. Make sure examination rooms are cleaned after each patient and have medical supplies you may need during examinations handy like soap, hand sanitizer, facial tissue, & paper towels. Installing a paper towel dispenser in this room may be worth the benefits of having paper towels readily available rather than scrambling to get some when it is needed.

Examination Room

Storage Room

With the times being unpredictable, making sure you have enough everyday items in your facility is very important. Running out and not being able to replenish can be costly and frustrating. Stock your storage room with plenty of Morcon paper towels, napkins, and bath tissue. Rest assured that these products add value to any hygienic user experience.

Unsure what product is best for your business? Our team is ready to provide you with unique product and service solutions. Give our office a call at 518-677-8511 to start the conversation!

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