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Heat Safety Awareness

With temperatures beginning to rise and the summer season right around the corner, it is a good time to refresh ourselves on the importance of Heat Safety.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reminds us of the dangers of heat exposure and outlines the possible signs. OSHA has taken the initiative to inspect workplace environments for heat-related hazards in a wide variety of businesses that could potentially have a hazardous amount exposure to the heat. With this initiative, OSHA hopes to prevent heat related injuries and deaths in the workforce.

osha heat safety

The heat affects us year round but according to OSHA, the last 18 summers of the 19 recorded have been the hottest recorded. Due to this, there are approximately 3,500 injuries related to heat each year.

General industry, manufacturing, construction, or agriculture jobs/environments are the most hazardous workplaces but heat exposure can affect anyone when conditions become dangerous. Workplace activities that can contribute to heat related injuries are heavy physical activity, a warm environment, lack of acclimatization and wearing clothing that holds in body heat.

Heat Safety

Businesses that have a higher risk for heat exposure have a plan to respond if a worker displays heat-related illnesses, provide training, and allow employees to have breaks and water.

OSHA’s message is “Water. Rest. Shade.”

  • Drink water every 15 minutes
  • Take a break in a cooler/shaded environment
  • Have a plan to help a fellow worker if they are displaying heat-related illnesses

We are already taking these measures and more to keep all of our employees safe and have a safe summer!



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