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Hiring During a Pandemic

Hiring during Covid

Who would have thought that almost a year since March Madness was cancelled; we would still be challenged with the effects of COVID-19. We have been forced to adjust to a new normal with the uncertainty of ever returning to the way things once were.

EVERYTHING we do is different. Our approach to everything had to change: from how we leave our homes (IF we are able to), to the way we handle coughing in public.

Hiring during this pandemic is certainly not immune to the same challenges.

With low unemployment rates pre-COVID, it was already difficult hiring qualified employees and as the local and federal governments began shutting down, the applicant submissions decreased significantly.

As an essential business, Morcon was fortunate to continue operating, allowing employees to provide for their families. Unfortunately, many other businesses were forced to furlough, lay off or even shut their doors. Those who became unemployed were not readily willing to get back into the workforce.  They were scared and who could blame them. Many questions like “Is it safe for me to leave my house?”, “Am I going to bring COVID-19 home to my family?”, or “Is it worth risking my health to make more than my unemployment check?” were all real and valid questions.

As an employer who acted quickly and diligently in implementing safety precautions to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace, I am proud of how our employees responded and complied with the ever-changing protocols. We were able to make our employees feel safe when they came to work and continue to produce products that rose in demand.

However, filling open positions with qualified candidates has been increasingly difficult. Even when we are lucky enough to review an application, maintaining a positive applicant experience is extremely challenging. First impressions are difficult to make through the pixelated computer screens. Shaking hands of newcomers has been completely tossed out the window. No longer can we sit less than six feet from each other, without masks, enjoying conversation trying to determine if we are a good fit. All of these “new normals” are ever changing and that can become frustrating to the interviewee.

As the vaccines roll out, I certainly hope it enables us to get back to some sort of normalcy. I would rather greet applicants with a smile than with squinted eyes. Sharing our company culture through on-site tours certainly beats a PDF of our brochure. And I would much rather welcome a new member to the team with a handshake than an elbow tap. Until then, we must all do our part to keep each other safe.

Despite the challenges and restrictions, we are always looking for hardworking, motivated individuals to join our team! If this sounds like you, check out our careers page for current openings across our facilities or email [email protected]Learn more by downloading our brochure.


Written by Erlinda McCoy

Erlinda McCoy Director of HR, South Carolina

    Morcon Tissue