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Morcon’s New Focus: Providing Hospitality Tissue Products

In an era marked by reduced consumer outings and spending, businesses are navigating the challenges of adapting to a changing economic landscape. Amidst this transition, one market segment stands out for its resilience: hospitality. 

There is shift towards consumer expenditure on experiences such as activities, travel, and leisure. Additionally, there has been a noticeable decline in the once-popular retail sector. In the Midwest, recent data reflects a surge in spending within the hospitality industry. According to Houghton, while 1,618 stores closed, 1,040 new establishments emerged, maintaining a consistent closure rate over the years 2015 to 2023, resulting in a net change of -11%. Notably, most of these new establishment’s stem from  hospitality ventures rather than traditional retail outlets. Particularly, cafes, coffee shops, and takeout services have emerged as standout segments in the Midwest’s evolving economic landscape (Houghton). 

Globally, the hospitality sector is finding double digit growth post-pandemic. The Hotel Hilton group has opened no less than 132 hotels in 2023 and is adding more the 91,000 rooms (Ludmir). Running off the success of hospitality, the hotel toiletries and accessories market is estimated to reach $50.5 billion globally by 2031 (Ludmir). With this rising market, the need for niche and premium products has been on the rise.  

This is where Morcon can find success in helping distributors and small independents companies find success in providing high quality, soft and absorbent tissue products. 

Morcon has been focused on expanding its product offering for the hospitality industry since November of 2023. We debuted our new kitchen roll towel, conventional bath tissue, and facial tissue at the ISSA show in Las Vegas. 

Our conventional bath tissue is perfectly attuned to the evolving demands and trends of 2024. Highlighted in articles such as “The Stunning Way to Store and Display Unsightly Rolls of Toilet Paper” and “The Clever Bathroom Addition that Hides Toilet Paper Within Reach” (Harris) (Bowen), there’s a clear demand for well-designed CBT. 

Enter the VT2596, a standout product featuring a fresh, modern design and individually wrapped rolls. Offering the ideal combination of comfort and aesthetics, it will elevate any restroom. With 100% virgin, North American-sourced materials, the VT2596 emerges as the perfect solution for the American market.  

In line with the growing emphasis on aesthetics, we present our VT8530 Kitchen Roll, catering to both back and front house needs. Individually wrapped with an eye-catching design, this roll towel enhances the customer experience effortlessly. Perfect for swift cleanups in the kitchen, or hand drying needs, its elegant appearance ensures it blends seamlessly on countertops for guest use.  

While our conventional bath tissue and kitchen roll towels have already found their niche, we’re continuing to lead the way with our facial tissue offerings. With post-pandemic health and safety concerns taking center stage for consumers, the sleek yet simple design of our VT2130 facial tissue aligns perfectly with the needs of the market. 

Designed in a flat pack style with 100-count capacity, our facial tissue is tailor-made for hotel tissue covers and small spaces. What’s more, our product boasts the same quality of at-home brand names, while remaining cost-effective for the away from home market. 

In an era of shifting consumer behaviors and economic challenges, the hospitality industry stands out as a beacon of growth and resilience with significant expansions in hotel chains and a booming market for toiletries and accessories (Lundmir). 

Amidst this backdrop, Morcon emerges as a strategic partner for distributors and small independent companies looking to capitalize on the growing hospitality market. From innovative bath tissue solutions like the VT2596 to versatile kitchen roll towels like the VT8530, Morcon is poised to play a pivotal role in helping businesses navigate the challenges of an ever-changing market landscape and find success in the flourishing hospitality segment.

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