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The Importance of Towel Drying

Have you ever heard of the KISS principle? It’s maybe a bit crude, but it is basically this: keep it simple, stupid, meaning the best systems tend to not be overly complicated. Paper towels never stop being useful.

Our business is built on the values of quality, utility, and price. Technology catapults us ahead time and again, but an unchanging truth is that washing and drying your hands is the single greatest way to protect yourself from germs, as 80% of the most common infectious diseases are spread by people’s hands.

Wash and dry your hands; we learn it as kids, we require it of employees, and we reinforce the importance during flu season. How does it apply to Morcon? Despite the advent of antibacterial soaps and hand dryers, drying your hands effectively with towels is an important step in preventing the spread of germs and has been shown to work better than the alternatives at speed of drying and removal of water.

This is why we keep improving and expanding our towel offerings.

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