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Meet Our VP of Revenue Management: Phil Hart

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Have you worked closely with Phil Hart since he has joined the Morcon Tissue team? Or are you simply interested in learning more about our knowledgeable, friendly, and talented staff members? Either way, join us in getting to know Phil as we ask his 5 quick questions about his role at Morcon Tissue and paper industry views.
Phil Hart: Vice President of Revenue Management at Morcon

1. What does your role here consist of?

Since I’ve joined the team in August of last year, my position and responsibility has grown tremendously. I handle everything from price and contract management to product line management, strategic sourcing, customer analytics and both internal and external marketing.  I also work very closely with sales and marketing to develop tools and resources that will help improve the efficiency of our sales team.

2. What drew you to Morcon Tissue and ultimately, your current position?

It was tremendous opportunity to work with a growing company whose culture of Respect, Responsibility and Creativity aligned with my own core values. In addition, I had the opportunity to re-join working with Joe Raccuia who has been a great mentor of mine over the past 10 years. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

3. You spent years in the fine paper industry. What is the biggest difference between that industry and tissue, towel, napkin manufacturing?

The biggest difference is that the AFH market is growing at 1-2% per annum whereas the North American Fine Paper Industry is and will continue to be in long-term secular decline due to electronic substitution. Each industry provides opportunity for those companies who place significant emphasis on “Delivering Exceptional Customer Value, Operational Efficiency and who make tough and strategic business decisions.” I look forward to leveraging my experience and passion for exceeding customer expectations and helping Morcon Tissue become the National Leading Converter in the US.

4. What keeps you motivated on a day to day basis?

What motivates me is working for a company who “TRULY VALUES THEIR EMPLOYEES” and “SHOWS THEY CARE BY THEIR ACTIONS.” I am an extremely loyal person and thus when a company shows me that same level of trust, I go 140% for them. Plus, I also have a strong desire to win and keep improving each and every day professionally and personally.

5. If you could describe Morcon in one word what would it be?

Hungry & Humble. But if you made me choose between the two, I would say Hungry.

BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite professional sports team?

The Boston Red Sox. Just kidding!!! NY Yankees Baby!!

Mr. Hart joined Morcon as Vice President of Revenue Management in August of 2017. With over 15 of years of sales and marketing experience — 10 with paper manufacturer Finch Paper —Phil is a valuable addition to the Morcon team. He oversees Strategic Sourcing, Product Line Profitability, Continuous Improvement, and Supply Chain Management. 
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