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Optimizing Your Global Supply Chain

There are so many benefits to working with Morcon Tissue, especially in today’s geopolitical climate. Here is a list of 10 reasons why putting your trust in Morcon is the right move for your company:

  1. Volatility of Geopolitical Markets can cause significant disruption to Your Supply Chain
  2. Upfront Out of Pocket Expenses ties up valuable working capital
  3. Risk of Out of Stock due to Container Congestion at Port of Departure and Port of Arrival
  4. Labor Costs Associated with the Unloading of Containers could be allocated to more value added work
  5. Costs associated with Aged Inventory and reduced Inventory Turns
  6. Leverage our Broad Assortment to Reduce Inbound Deliveries
  7. US Government Tariff on Imported Goods
  8. Lost Opportunity Cost for Increasing Stock Levels on Imported Items vs. Higher Profit Turning Items
  9. Internal Resources Required to Track, Monitor Import Containers
  10. Support US Manufacturers

Ask about our Morcon Advantage™ TCO Model today! Our team has developed a step-by-step model to demonstrate the hidden costs that come with importing and outsourcing. This consultative sales approach proves why partnering with Morcon is in the best interest of your business.

Contact us today to get the conversation started! Learn more about the ease of doing business with Morcon Tissue and check out our full product line for more information.

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