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Morsoft Jumbo Tissue: Rolling Out a New Look


Box of Morsoft M29 Jumbo Bath Tissue

As many of you know, Morsoft™, our primary brand of napkin, towel and tissue products, debuted a fresh look last year. This complemented the launch of some new Morsoft™ products, as well as our premium Valay™ line.  Over the next few months, our overall tissue offering will feature our new Morsoft™ and Valay™ designs with the same color system to help customers identify products at a quick glance.  The rollout will begin with the jumbo roll tissue (JRT) family.  The cornerstone of the JRT line, the M29 Jumbo Bath Tissue, will be first, followed by the rest of our JRT portfolio. Our highly successful specialty tissue line will undergo the change last.

We have also listened to the marketplace and are excited to announce a 1,000 foot JRT – M99 –  coming in September. New 1,000 ft M99 2-Ply Jumbo Bath Tissue Coming Summer 2018 graphicBe on the lookout not just for the fresh representation of the line, but the addition of another quality Morcon product.

Our team is thrilled about these changes and with this new look you can expect the same trusted, quality products we have always worked hard to provide. Thank you for your continued support of Morcon and our product lines! We appreciate your partnership.

Call us today at 518-677-8511 to learn more about these upcoming changes!

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