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NAPKIN 101: How to Choose the Best Napkin For Your Business

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When it comes to selecting a disposable napkin for your business it may seem like an insignificant detail, but napkins, believe it or not, are a reflection of your brand.  They are also a fundamental part of your customers’ overall experience and therefore should not be disregarded. By choosing the napkin that is best suited for your business needs, you can build a brand, minimize waste and provide your customers with a functional, absorbent napkin (and great experience!).

But with the various options available in the marketplace, you may be unsure what the best choice may be. By reviewing some key terms and product details, such as ply, color, and fold, we hope to help! This information will guide you during your napkin decision process.

 Morcon Napkins and napkin dispenser

What is Ply?

Short for plywood, ply simply means the thickness or layer of a folded product – in this case, napkins. A napkin’s ply impacts its absorbency and durability. One question to ask yourself would be how is your napkin being used? What is the application or setting? Then you can determine which ply would make the most sense for your environment.

1-Ply Napkins

These are the economical solution for food service environments as they are more lightweight and used for quick-service purposes. These are great options for takeout Chinese, drive-thru french fries, or two-scoops of ice cream!

 2-Ply Napkins

These are a heavier, more durable and absorbent napkin options ideal for tougher cleanup purposes because they’re less likely to tear. If you need to clean up a spill, wipe off some BBQ sauce or roll up utensils, then 2-ply is the right fit for your business.

Do I Choose White or Kraft Napkins?

Dispenser napkins are available in kraft (natural brown) or white (bleached).

kraft napkins
white napkins



White napkins offer a clean and fresh look for customers and are much more on the traditional side. On the other hand, kraft napkins are bleach-free options that are made from recycled fiber. Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate your choice of kraft napkins.

Understanding the Napkin Folds

The way a napkin folds serves a practical purpose whether it be to wrap utensils, dispense one-at-a-time, or fit in a smaller space.

Here’s what you need to know about napkin folds:

Quarter Fold Dinner Napkins

This napkin design allows restaurants to create rolled silverware presentations. Wrapping utensils provides patrons with the feel of a higher end restaurant, office building, hotel or healthcare facility.  See our 1717 quarter fold dinner napkin below to get an idea!Stack of 1717 Morsoft Quarter Fold Dinner Napkin

Low-Fold Napkins

As a functional, smaller sized napkin when folded, low-folds are an affordable solution for casual dining establishments such as coffee shops or lunch rooms that experience high traffic. A great example of this product is the D712 low-fold napkin, seen here:Stack of D712 Low Fold Dispenser Napkin

Tall-Fold Napkins

Designed for versatile uses, these napkins are created to fit inside tall fold dispensers for convenient access and compact space at pizza parlors, delis, and quick service food environments. The D20500 tall-fold napkins (seen below) are developed for these purposes.

Stack of D20500 Tall Fold Dispenser Napkin

Even though Morcon Tissue produces all of these napkins, there is only one napkin that can be considered the most cost-effective, practical and sleek option, reducing waste up to 25% –

Interfold or Interfolded Napkins


Valay Tabletop Napkin Dispenser

Also referred to as interfold, these popular napkins are designed for one-at-a-time dispensing to help reduce waste and minimize costs. Customers can grab just what they need, rather than a large handful of your product. This will lead to less changeovers, labor and a reduction in waste. Not only that, but this product is available in both white, kraft and 1 or 2-ply! Actually, Morcon Tissue has 3 options of interfolded napkins to meet your needs: 4500VN,5000VN, 4545VN.

The most affordable solution for diners, convenience stores, pizzerias, and other high-volume applications, these interfolded napkins offers great absorbancy and durability. When paired with the smooth NT111 tabletop napkin dispenser, this napkin system looks great in a variety of food service environments. You can even use the display panels to turn your dispenser into an onsite marketing tool to promote products, boost your presence, or sell advertising space.

Though selecting the best napkin for your business may not be as simple as you thought,  we hope this handy guide helped make the decision a bit easier. Lucky for you, we offer a variety of napkins – even all the types mentioned above! Though we cannot deny the fact that interfold napkins are an economical trend that may outlast the rest. Visit our napkin product pages for more details!

Happy Napkin Shopping!

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