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Interfold Napkins That Work for You!

When it comes to selecting a napkin for your business it may seem like an insignificant detail, but napkins, believe it or not, are a reflection of your brand. They are also a fundamental part of your customers’ overall experience. Since they are very important, why not choose a napkin system that you can market, reduce waste, cut costs and still deliver a great experience to your customers.

Interfold Napkin Features

A common challenge that we see every day in break rooms, diners, pizzerias and cafes is people grabbing handfuls of napkins. Sometimes only using only a couple and then throwing the rest away. It not only means you’re paying for napkins people don’t use, but dispensers constantly have to be refilled and you need extra storage space for additional napkins. The most affordable solution for these diners, convenience stores, and other high-volume applications, are interfolded napkins!

Choose the best of the best! We are talking, of course, about Morcon’s Valay® Interfold Napkin System. These popular napkins are designed for one-at-a-time dispensing to help reduce waste and minimize costs. Our interfolded napkins come in 1- and 2-ply and in white and Kraft options. These napkins also offer great absorbency and durability.

Actually, Morcon Tissue has SIX options of interfolded napkins to meet your needs!5000VN Interfold Napkin Spec

4500VN Interfold Napkin Spec

4545VN Interfold Napkin Spec

4300VN Interfold Napkin Spec

4250VN Interfold Napkin Spec

5050VN Interfold Napkin Spec

When paired with the NT111 Valay® Nap Dispenser, you can expect smooth one-at-at-time dispensing and quick loading. This means people only take one napkin at a time and you refill less, thereby reducing waste, controlling costs, and requiring less storage space for napkins. This napkin system looks great in a variety of food service environments. You can even advertise right on the dispensers by customizing with your branding or with daily specials.

NT111 Interfold Napkin Dispensers

Though selecting the best napkin for your business may not be as simple as you thought, we hope this helped make the decision a bit easier. Lucky for you, we have added to our interfold napkin line, bringing a better offering to our customers! We cannot deny the fact that interfold napkins are an economical trend that may outlast the rest. Visit our interfold napkin product pages for more details!

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