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Rebranding for Retail

Familiar Products, Fresh New Look

Morcon is always looking to improve and give the best service and value to our customers. Our mission holds true more so this past year with challenges brought on by the pandemic. Commercial industries through distribution partners have always been  our focus when it came to product packaging. However, as we pivoted into different industry channels, including the retail market, improvements to our packaging were a must. Informing the customer of our product specifications on individual packs was necessary in order to adapt and sell into these new markets. With distribution partners and new customers calling on Morcon to assist during COVID-19 supply chain issues and with some brands simply choosing to exit the market and focus elsewhere, we were able to capitalize on the opportunity and provide napkin and towel solutions to a multitude of stores. These supermarket and convenience store companies include the likes of Hannaford, Market 32, Food Lion, Big Y, Harris Teeter and Stew Leonards, to name a few. But in order to continue serving these companies, we needed to invest in new and improved packaging.

Under the federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations under the FLPA, a consumer commodity must be clearly labeled with the following:

  • a statement identifying the commodity, e.g., paper napkins;
  • the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor; and
  • and the net quantity of contents in terms of weight, measure, or numerical count (measurement must be in both metric and inch/pound units).

We are proud that we now meet all of these label requirements – and had the chance to revamp our branded designs! Compare our product to the major brands you find in your local supermarkets.

Introducing our new Retail Packaging for our L12500 Lunch Napkins and 3466 Dinner Napkins. The everyday lunch napkins are perfect for daily use around your home and at 500 per pack, they will certainly last you and your family. And with the holidays coming up, take your dinner setting to a whole new level with our premium dinner napkins. Both of these napkin products offer the same great strength and absorbency they always have but just in a new, compact package. Not only do they look great in your home but also look great on the shelves of your local grocery store! We have to admit that some may shy away from the smaller pack size, however, they are space saving on both the retail shelf and in your home.

The new and improved packaging for dinner and lunch napkins features individual UPC codes, count, napkin ply, size, and other important spec information on each pack, along with Morcon Tissue’s information. The compressed packaging also allows for more napkin packs per shelf, increasing businesses’ profitability when they choose to stock Morcon. This new look does not affect the high quality, durable, and absorbent product that you are used to. Know that you are getting the same great product you love in a bright, informative space-saving look!

The holidays are almost here! Be prepared with our new L12500 and 3466 napkins. Contact us today and ask where you can get these great looking napkin packs for yourself. Don’t forget about all of the other retail areas we can help you stock besides just the shelves – deli counters, food prep stations, restrooms, coffee areas and more!


Here’s a handy checklist to share how we can truly be a one-stop-shop for your retail business:


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