Strategic Investment in Napkin Capacity

To Our Valued Customers: The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced every business to look deeply into their “company mirror” and make the strategic decisions necessary to ensure a sustainable future. Morcon is no different. I am pleased to inform you that we have decided to heighten our investments in several napkin product categories that have demonstrated a strong industry growth… Read More

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Rebranding for Retail

Familiar Products, Fresh New Look Morcon is always looking to improve and give the best service and value to our customers. Our mission holds true more so this past year with challenges brought on by the pandemic. Commercial industries through distribution partners have always been  our focus when it came to product packaging. However, as… Read More

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The Ultimate Restaurant Guide for Buying Towels, Napkins, & Tissues

Restaurateurs and food service business owners across the country have long trusted Morcon Tissues’ restaurant paper products to control costs without sacrificing product quality. Whether you own a full-service restaurant or coffee shop, Morcon has a broad selection of restaurant paper supplies including napkin, towel, tissue and dispenser solutions for your business. We cover both… Read More

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Napkin Solutions for Retail Applications

We Offer SUPER Solutions for EVERY MARKET. During this time, flexibility is the new tenacity. With our size, strategic locations and leadership team, we are able to adapt and continue to service our customers to the best of our ability, including those in the retail space! Morcon provides tailored solutions and personalized service that you… Read More

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Why Eco-Friendly Kraft Napkins Are the Right Choice for Your Business

Communities are becoming much more concerned with protecting the environment. If you are the owner of a business or simply a concerned citizen, focusing on being greener could help save you money and lessen environmental footprint. There are many ways to invest in eco-friendly business practices, but one simple, yet effective change is to switch… Read More

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