Introducing Maximus™ by Morcon

Morcon Tissue is excited to launch Maximus™ at this year’s ISSA show in Chicago, IL. The new proprietary electronic roll towel dispenser features an industry leading dispensing mechanism combined with advanced MRS (Material Recognition System) technology. MRS is a patented, proprietary, electronic system that utilizes infrared technology to read a barcode printed on the inside of core… Read More

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Good, Better, and BEST Interfold Napkins for Your Business

Who doesn’t like options?! When shopping for anything, including paper products, getting the best value out of the items you buy is the ultimate goal. Knowing how you will use the product and understanding its features and benefits should guide your final purchase decision. As your paper consultant, we want to offer you product options… Read More

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Interfold Napkins That Work for You!

When it comes to selecting a napkin for your business it may seem like an insignificant detail, but napkins, believe it or not, are a reflection of your brand. They are also a fundamental part of your customers’ overall experience. Since they are very important, why not choose a napkin system that you can market,… Read More

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Valay® Paper Dispensers Add Value to Your Facility

    Valay® Dispensers  “Value in Valay®” is just not a catchphrase for us at Morcon. We truly believe that you are getting the best value from your paper products, whether they are napkins, tissues, or towels. When pairing our paper products with corresponding Valay® Dispensers, the combination offers additional benefits including cost savings, efficiencies,… Read More

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How Can Morcon Help Optimize Your Supply Chain?

Consolidating your paper products with one reliable supplier should be a no brainer. Especially when that supplier is Morcon Tissue. We are investing in new products, new assets and new people. There has never been a better time to partner with us on your napkin, towel, tissue and dispenser offerings. What are the benefits of… Read More

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