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The Power of Morcon Sample Paks

In our Away-from-Home paper manufacturing industry, product samples are usually the last thing that is needed to seal the deal with a current or potential customer. If customers like what they see, a successful partnership can begin from that point forward. As consumers ourselves, we want to make sure that what we buy is both high quality and functional. This is why our sample department works extremely hard to ensure that our towel, tissue and napkin products are high quality and arrive to their destination on time.

Here at Morcon Tissue, our sample process is something we take pride in. As an extension of the sales and marketing team, we believe the attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. This is a great way to market our brand and products while keeping the customer’s needs first and exceeding their expectations.

Let’s take a closer look at our Sample Process…

How do we receive sample requests?

Our internal sales reps typically contact the sample team via email, providing a note with specific products needed, what customer is requesting the items, the contact person as well as an accurate address.

Once we have this information we are able to generate a letter to send with the sample pak.

What goes into “Sample Paks?”

We like to give our packages a personal touch! A letter is sent with every request detailing out for the customer what products are included and which sales rep they should contact with questions.

After the letter is printed out, we are ready to begin packing our Morcon Sample Pak (this is also emailed with the tracking information!).

We might be biased, but our sample boxes are truly something!

We wanted customers to feel the Morcon magic in their own homes. We have three different size options: small, medium, & large. The different box sizes allow us some flexibility when packing products. Some customers may only need a few items, so our small and medium boxes can fit these requests such as napkin and tissue rolls. When sending samples of our towel rolls, however, the large boxes are the way to go.

Along with the paper products we include some of our marketing collateral (flyers, spec sheets etc.) so that customers have additional spec information on their samples and their applications.

Fun fact: Some rolls may not be up to the “sample” standard. This are known as seconds or SLOB inventory. Luckily, they will not be wasted as we use these rolls for packing paper! We want to make sure that your samples get there in mint condition, so packing he rolls tight with paper helps prevent movement while in transit. Check out the below example:


What happens when the packages are ready to be sent out?

Once samples are packed and ready to head out the door, we take them over to our UPS processing station. Since we have customers located throughout the United States, a carrier like UPS allows us to send packages across the country. After we process the package, they are all set for pick-up.

An email is then sent to our customers confirming that their Sample Pak has shipped along with a tracking number, delivery date, and a copy of the sample letter. We want to give our customers peace of mind, knowing that their products are on the way.

How do we stay prepared to put together Sample Paks when requested?

To make sure that requests can be sent out quickly, our sample room is maintained stocked with our products. This makes it easier to grab and pack products to head right out the door. Our sample team is always ready to pack! We have received lots of praise from many different customers who appreciate our attention to detail to something as simple as product samples. Giving customers that extra effort really shows that we care.

Are you interested in receiving a Morcon Sample Pak?

If you would like your own Morcon Sample Pak delivered right to your door, contact your Morcon sales rep today! Call us at (518) 677- 8511 or email [email protected] to discuss and prepare the right samples for your business needs.


Written by Evelyn Simental, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Evelyn Simental, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Morcon Tissue






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