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The Ultimate Restaurant Guide for Buying Towels, Napkins, & Tissues

Restaurateurs and food service business owners across the country have long trusted Morcon Tissues’ restaurant paper products to control costs without sacrificing product quality. Whether you own a full-service restaurant or coffee shop, Morcon has a broad selection of restaurant paper supplies including napkin, towel, tissue and dispenser solutions for your business. We cover both Front of House and Back of House needs. We’ll breakdown these areas and which Morcon restaurant paper product would be the best fit!

Front of House (FOH) Restaurant Paper Supplies

Front of house in the food service industry refers to areas that a customer will see and interact with during their visit. Areas that fall under the FOH are most effective when clean, organized, and on brand. A customer’s experience begins as they walk in the door!

Host Station: Customers’ first interaction will be at the host station. Menus and silverware are often grabbed from here before seating customers. Make sure you have the best restaurant napkins to pair with your silverware. Our line of dinner napkins are perfect for this as they are sturdy, absorbent, and versatile:

Dining Room: The dining room is where patrons will spend most of their time. Make sure tables are clean and prepared before customers are seated. Customers will enjoy their meals in the dining room so be sure to provide them with a napkin that will do its job! Whether you need restaurant dispenser napkins, lunch napkins, senior serve napkins, junior serve napkins, or dinner napkin products, Morcon has a quality item to meet your needs. They are strong, absorbent, and are available in Kraft options. We also offer our Valay® Interfoled napkin system perfect for diners, convenience stores, pizzerias, and other high-volume establishments.

Bar: Bars can also be a place where customers dine. Some may want to sit at the bar or wait there while their table is ready. Keeping the bar clean and organized can help staff more efficiently serve customers. Equip your bar with our B8500 beverage napkins for drinks or an alternative to small plates and protect countertops or tables from watermarks.

Outdoor Seating: Outside dining has become more popular and necessary. Customers still expect the same great service. Ensure they do by equipping your outdoor tables with quality restaurant dispenser napkins or interfolded napkins. Napkin dispensers for restaurants are the best option when it comes to outdoor dining. Our dispenser napkins can be used with most universal dispensers. Alternatively, our Valay® Interfolded Napkin System is perfect for one-at-a-time dispensing and reducing your napkin consumption.

Restrooms: Surveys have found that many customers’ deciding factor on returning to a restaurant has to do with the state of their bathrooms!

If your restroom is not up to par, customers may decide not to come back. Keep your bathroom clean and stocked with quality paper products. Reduce the amount of tissue changeover with our Jumbo Roll Tissue options. We also offer a line of Small Core, coreless alternative, bath tissue rolls. With various footage and sizes, there’s sure to be a solution for your restroom needs. Browse our full tissue line.

Restaurant paper towels are the more hygienic option, hand dryers are a thing of the past! Reduce the amount of germs in your bathroom by offering towel dispensers.

Our line of restaurant paper towels offers more product on each roll, lasts longer, reduces labor costs, fewer roll changes, and portioned controlled to reduce waste. We have a wide variety of footages and offer 8 & 10-inch sizes that fit most universal dispensers. We also offer a proprietary line of towels, TAD products, center pull towels, & C-fold towels.

Back of House (BOH) Restaurant Paper Supplies

Back of House refers to the behind-the-scene action of a restaurant that customers do not see. Back here food is prepped, cooked, and plated by staff for patrons in the FOH. Staff also spend a good deal of time in these areas, working on other projects or taking a break. Let’s take a closer look at the BOH…

Kitchen: The kitchen is usually the largest area that is divided into smaller sections for food storage, food preparation, cooking lines, holding areas, and dishwashing and sanitation. Your kitchen is one of the most important areas to maintain clean and stocked. This can lead to an efficient staff and shorter wait times. Spills happen, especially in a fast-paced kitchen. Our restaurant paper towels and towel dispensers are a great way to pick up spills quickly.

Employee Area/Breakroom: Take a break! Breakrooms or employee areas should be well stocked since many eat their lunches here. Providing necessary basic utensils for staff is a great way to show your appreciation. Pair breakroom tables with our Valay® Interfolded napkin system. Reduce waste and maintain your area clean with one-at-a-time dispensing. Also consider placing paper towel dispensers in breakrooms for easy hand drying and easy clean-up.

FOH & BOH areas of a restaurant are necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Without one or the other, things just would not work. We know how necessary Napkins, Towels, and Tissue are for the restaurant industry and that is why we offer quality restaurant paper products at affordable prices for all of your business’ needs. Our team of knowledgeable customer service and sales staff are dedicated to help you face the challenges of the food service industry. Visit our contact page or give us a call today at (518) 677-8511 for more information!

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