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The Valay Advantage System (VAS) – The Perfect Blend

Have you recently thought to yourself, am I getting what I am paying for? It seems like prices continue to increase while the perceived value we are receiving from the goods we purchase continue to diminish. When is the last time you looked at an Oreo cookie before you dunked it in that nice cold glass of milk or looked inside a bag of potato chips? As large corporations strive to increase share holder value, do you believe that is coming at your expense? Many of you probably feel like your voice is no longer being heard.

As a company focused on customer satisfaction and partnerships, we are doing our best to ensure that is NOT the case for our customers.

Morcon has conducted an in-depth voice of customer analysis to determine how we can introduce new and innovative product solutions that truly adds value for our customers. At Morcon, we develop tailored and optimized product solutions to exceed the requirements of the intended end-use application. Unlike the Large and Integrated Paper Manufacturers who need to homogenize and commoditize their product offerings, Morcon has the ability to be creative in our thinking and leverage an MOC (Mechanical, Operation & Chemical) approach to New Product Development and Paper Manufacturing.

To provide our customers with a new and cost-effective solution as it pertains to Interfolded Napkins, Morcon has developed the Valay® Advantage System (VAS). The VAS system includes a new and improved heavy weight 1 ply white and kraft interfolded napkin under the trusted Valay® Brand name. Through 3rd party testing and certification, our VAS product offerings consisting of Valay® 4545VN (White) and 5050VN (Kraft) have outperformed industry leading 1 & 2 ply Interfolded Napkins solutions in (4) critical properties including Brightness, Wet Strength, Thickness and Absorption.

Our VAS system has been engineered to provide the following benefits for our customers and end-users:

  1. Stronger Napkin = Less Napkins Used Per Serving + Lower Labor Cost
  2. Thicker Napkin = Less Napkins Used per Serving = Lower Cost in Use
  3. Strength and Absorption = Less Napkins Used per Serving = Lower Cost in Use
  4. Brightness – More hygienic customer experience

 In addition to the above product improvements, Morcon has launched a new one at a time dispenser that is customizable for end-users.

The VAS offers the perfect blend of product performance, customizable branding opportunities at the best overall cost in use.

*The Morcon VAS system has shown to reduce the consumption of leading industry interfolded napkins by as much as 20% through independent end-user testing and evaluation

Written By Phil Hart, VP of Revenue Management 

Education:  Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineer from Syracuse University with an emphasis in Pulp and Paper Manufacturing. Masters of Business Administration from RIT

Phil Hart: Vice President of Revenue Management at Morcon

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