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TOWEL 101: Comparing C-fold, Center Pull, and Hardwound Towels

towel 101 graphic with hardwound towels and dispenser


With a variety of paper towel options, how do you choose the best one for your business? Which will perform best? Which will your customers prefer? And of course, which is the most cost-effective towel?

 Before we reveal the one kind of paper towel that can offer the best savings for your bottom line, we would like to educate you on three main types of towels we have in our lineup: C-fold, Center Pull and Hardwound.


C-fold Towels

These pre-folded towels are ideal for busy restrooms. A c-fold typically enables quick, easy-grab dispensing because as they are placed in a dispenser, they stack on top of one another. Folded in half and creased twice to make their shape, c-folds are very common paper towels. Our C122 is below!

 Morsoft C-Fold Towel


Center Pull Towels

Center Pull towel rolls and their dispensers minimize waste because they are designed for one-at-a-time dispensing. This one-hand paper towel option, for single-uses, can also provide the same amount of germ control as hands-free towel dispensers …and at a lower cost! We have two great options in the C5009 and C6600, shown below.

 roll of Morsoft C5009 Center Pull Towelroll of Morsoft C6600 Center Pull Towel

Hardwound Towels

Controlled hardwound paper towels, however, are the most economical option on the market for high-traffic areas in public facilities. Why is this the case?

  • They are “portion controlled” because they are not dispensed too quickly and reduce unnecessary waste
  • The entire roll gets used
  • With dispensing providing a flat towel, there is more surface area for consumers to dry their hands and therefore they use less product

When you also take into consideration small core hardwound options, the economic benefits are noteworthy. The small core allows for more product on each roll, which will last longer and reduce labor costs through fewer roll changes.

Now that you understand these three main towel categories, and that hardwound is the best bang for your buck, check out our proprietary Valay Hardwound Towel Systems and our flagship brand of Morsoft hardwound towels– both are environmental and budget-friendly options. These smooth, nonabrasive towels are safe on most surfaces. Available in kraft and white, these commercial towel products are the perfect addition to any restroom.

Three rolls of Morsoft Hardwound Towels

As there are a variety of paper towel options on the market, we hope this handy guide helped make the decision a bit easier. Lucky for you, we offer a variety of towels – and with both universal and proprietary options, you can’t go wrong by partnering with us! Click here to learn more.

And remember, always choose paper towels over air dryers to avoid those pesky germs! Still unsure which side to take in the #PaperTowelAirDryerDebate? Check out our Hand Dryers v Paper Towel blog to see why we always recommend the paper option.



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