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Commercial Paper Towel Solutions for Your Business’ Needs

Commercial paper towels are a staple for any business. They encourage cleanliness and help maintain a sanitary and safe environment for all employees and visitors. Morcon supplies healthcare facilities, restaurants, industrial companies, and commercial businesses with quality roll towels and dispensers at reasonable prices.

Today we are going to provide a breakdown of our extensive commercial paper towel line to help you understand which solutions work best for you and your business!

Valay® Towel Proprietary System

Our Valay® family of proprietary premium hardwound roll towels consistently deliver high quality performance that exceeds our customers’ expectations. This line offers three different towel types: White, Kraft, & TAD.

Our VW888 is an 800-foot white roll towel that can lower usage and labor costs. The VK999 is the equivalent kraft option at 800 feet, delivering the same great features. Do you need a more premium towel to get the job done? The VT777 is a 550-foot TAD roll towel that acts as a strong and soft wiper.

Whether you like the VT777, VW888, or VK999, all of these great towels pair perfectly with our proprietary commercial paper towel dispenser, the VT1008.

The proprietary system can be used in many different industries including food service, healthcare, and commercial. For example, these can be hung in public restrooms or in back of house restaurant settings for the staff to utilize during food prep and cleaning.

10 Inch Roll Towels

Our flagship brand of Morsoft® 10” hardwound towels, the W106 and R106, are environmental and budget-friendly commercial paper towel options. They’re perfect for customers who buy in bulk and need a hardworking towel at a great value.

These staple White and Kraft 10” towels: the W106 & R106 are also sure to reduce labor costs with 800 feet per roll.

Through-Air-Dried, or TAD towels are becoming more relevant in our market. Through-Air-Dried refers to the type of technology used to produce this paper. Made popular by Kimberly Clark in the late 90s, TAD towels offer more bulk and absorption capacity for the same basis weight. With less moisture being used in the process, the result is a softer and stronger product.

We offer three different footages to cover your needs! The M610 is a 500-foot TAD towel, the VT106 is a 550-foot option, and our VT8010 is a 700-foot solution. All of these products are strong, absorbent, and great alternatives to the majors. What makes these even better? They are compatible with most universal 10″ dispensers.

In the market for a different hands-free towel 10” dispenser? Try our VT1010 automatic option.

These 10-inch towels are a favorite in the food service, commercial, and healthcare industries. They are ideal for restrooms, kitchens, deli counters, stadiums and more!

Universal Roll Towels

Our 8-inch universal roll towels can be used for hand drying or general-purpose cleaning.

Our line offers 5 different footage lengths: 300’, 350’, 600’, 700’, & 800’. The lower footage rolls are perfect for tight spaces in businesses looking to get the most out of their paper towels. The higher footage rolls are ideal for heavy trafficked environments, offering fewer roll changes with more product per roll.

The 12300W & 12300R are made of 100% recycled fiber and meet EPA guidelines for post-consumer content making them great eco-friendly choices if you are in the market for lower footage towels. The W12350 & R12350 are also reliable products for tight spaces with 50 more feet per roll. Both great environmentally & economically conscious products!

Our higher footage hardwound towels, such as the W12600 & R12600, are both 600-foot rolls that are great for wiping up messes or drying your hands. The 6700W & 6700R are 700-foot rolls that offer the same great properties with more product on each roll. Lastly, rolling in at 800 feet are our W6800 & R6800 higher capacity hardwounds. These high-quality, high footage products are ready to tackle any challenge.

It is important to note that these universal roll towels will fit most universal hardwound dispensers out in the marketplace. As smooth and non-abrasive products, these towels are safe for most surfaces.

Additional Benefits:

  • One-at-a-time dispensing reduces waste
  • Made of 100% recycled fiber
  • Hands-free systems eliminate cross-contamination
  • Available in white and kraft
  • Longer footage reduces changeover

Controlled Roll Towels

Controlled roll towels are ideal when you are looking to “portion control” your paper towel usage. Unlike many other paper towels, controlled hardwounds are dispensed at a slower rate and have very specific core sizes, resulting in less waste and ultimately lower costs.

Our controlled towel line is comprised of Y-notched and I-notched towels. The 400RY & 400WY, available in white and kraft, are 800 feet in length and measure 8 inches in width. Our 300WI & 300RI measure 7.5 inches in width and are 800’ in length as well. These I-notch towels are also available in white and kraft.

Our extensive towel line provides versatility and adaptability with small, large or notched core products. These products are compatible with controlled towel dispensers in the market produced with notched towels in mind.

Center Pull & C-Fold towels

Our center pull towels are designed for one-at-at-time dispensing right from the center of the roll, which helps minimize waste and increase efficiency.

We offer two different sheet counts: 500 and 600 sheets. The C5009 & C6600 are great center pull options for your facility. Each sheet measures 9 inches, perf to perf. Both meet the EPA guidelines for minimum post-consumer content, and are 100% recycled. These products will fit most center-pull dispensers.

We complete our line of towel products with commercial c-fold towels. The C122 is a recycled c-fold paper towel that is an economical, reliable choice. C-fold towels are stacked, not interfolded, so that restroom users may pull individual sheets. Perfect for commercial restrooms, in a kitchen or at the office, they are compatible with most standard or universal c-fold paper towel dispensers in the market.


Morcon is committed to its customers and providing them with great products and value. Need more information about our towel line? Browse our extensive selection of commercial paper towels on our website or iCatalog and find tailored solutions for all your business’ needs!

If you are still unsure which is best for your business, our experienced staff is ready to help! Call us at 518-677-8511 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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