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What is TAD? – Premium TAD Hardwound Towels from Morcon


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TAD is an paper manufacturing acronym for “Through Air Dry” technology. TAD products are becoming more prevalent in the Away-From-Home markets throughout the United States. Many companies are making the investment in TAD paper products to offer more premium paper options to their customers. But, what exactly is TAD? To answer that question, we’ve gathered information from various industry experts who tell us all about TAD paper products.

TAD technology removes water during production by pulling high temperature air through the sheet. By using air, paper manufacturers are able to maintain the fiber thickness and provide up to twice the bulk and absorption capacity for the same basis weight. TAD only uses virgin fibers providing a premium, softer product. With an emboss formed during the process, TAD provides users with a product ideal for cleaning spills, wiping down surfaces and hand drying.


A bit of history about TAD technology – TAD was first used commercially in the 1960s in tissue and towel products as it was developed by P&G, Kimberly-Clark and Scott. With each company having their own unique processes, many patents were created for TAD technology. However, when these patents expired in the 90s, many more tissue manufacturers gained access to the technology and so the process became popular with retail products across the industry.


We are always looking for ways to bring solutions to you and your business! We offer 10-inch hardwound towels, universal roll towels, and proprietary paper towel rolls. Not sure which TAD product is the best fit for your business needs? View our TAD towel offering below:

VT8010 Product & SpecsVT106 Product & SpecsM610 Product & Specs






VT777 Product & SpecsVT9158 Product & Specs

Commercial paper towels are a specialty of ours, and adding premium TAD roll towels to our line allows us to offer only the best to our customers. Our TAD products are premium quality, highly absorbent towels with a softness that enhances any restroom or hand-drying experience.

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