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Choose Valay® Nap and Save Money

Morcon’s Valay® Nap Systems reduce consumption and waste by 25%, cut down on the spread of germs, eliminate unnecessary waste, and offer a sleek appearance on any surface.

But did you also know they can provide your business with a built-in marketing tool?

With advertising space and marketing inserts readily available on our NT111 napkin dispensers, you have the ability to place your messages directly in front of your audience. This powerful new form of media allows your creative campaign or general information to be easily shared throughout your facility and seen by thousands of consumers without the interruption of other media.

This may be marketing with minimal effort, but it certainly is effective!

You can create and share a marketing message by utilizing the below template to design special offers, menu specials, holiday messages and share discounts for other business partners in your area …and so much more.

If it is good enough for baseball superstar Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies Stadium, it is good enough for your business to roll with us too!

Creating a custom message or advertisement is so simple. Download the easy to use Microsoft Word template below begin advertising today.



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