Valay Napkin Dispenser Image Customizer

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Welcome to the Value-AD digital marketing tool. Whether you want to promote your business, menu, or an upcoming event, you can easily turn your tabletop napkin dispenser into a billboard! Simply customize the 4×6 insert for your advertising panel on our NT111 tabletop dispenser or NT222 tabletop dispenser using the tool below. To get started, simply begin adding colored shapes, text, or even upload your own business logo or digital assets. The gray outer region defines the visible window space in the dispenser, so any design work you do will be cut off at the gray border. Once you are happy with your custom design, feel free to download your design using the “Download” button which will create a download link below the customizer. The file will be saved to your computer in PDF output for printing. Print the original size of the output and it should fit your Valay Napkin dispenser perfectly! Cut out the top middle gray tab so you can always see your napkin level while still keeping your customized design visible!