3466 Morsoft® Dinner Napkin

The 3466 white dinner napkin helps complete your basic table setting with both convenience and comfort – plus, it can also be used to roll silverware to increase its versatility!

As a soft and durable 2-ply product, this napkin is a practical addition to any food service environment.

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Color: White
Size (Inches): 14.2 x 16.5
Per Pack: 20/150
Per Case: 3000
Cases Per Pallet: 60
TI/HI: 10/6

Comparable Products

Comparable Products:
BrandSKUSizeCore SizeSheet/FootageRolls/CasePlyColorPackCase CountDispenser
TorkNP528PA15" x 17"---2White28/1002800-
NittanyNP-DN15172P15" x 17"---2White20/1503000-
NittanyNP-418-20BC14" x 16"---2White20/1302600-
CascadesN21015" x 17"---2White30/1003000-
CascadesN06015" x 15"---2White30/1003000-
Georgia-Pacific3143616" x 15.5"---2White30/1003000-
Georgia-Pacific2148115" x 16.9"---2White12/2503000-
NPS4152815" x 16.25"---2White20/1503000-
CTC/Bouquet0400014.2" x 16.55"---1White-3000-
Kimberly-Clark9820014.63" x 17"---2White10/3003000-
Royal PaperNK2P151715" x 17"---2White20/1503000-
CTC/BelfairDNW1517214.4" X 17"---2White-3000-
CTC/Belfair303015" x 17"---2White-3000-
TorkNP31015" x 16.3"---2White8/3753000-
CascadesN21215" x 16"---2White20/1503000-
CascadesN06215" x 16"---2White20/1503000-
NittanyNP-DN300015" x 17"---2White20/1503000-