4250VN Valay® Interfolded Napkin

These Valay® Interfold Napkins are a great choice for environmentally friendly businesses that are looking for quality napkins at an economical price.

Save even more when you pair with the NT111 Valay® one-at-a-time dispensing system. Together, reduce consumption and waste by up to 25%.

These 1-ply napkins are ideal for use in high-traffic environments such as restaurants, ice cream shots, concession stands, and more!

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Color: White
Size (Inches): 6.3 x 8.8
Per Pack: 24/250
Per Case: 6,000
Cases Per Pallet: 63
TI/HI: 9/7

Comparable Products

Comparable Products:
BrandSKUSizeCore SizeSheet/FootageRolls/CasePlyColorPackCase CountDispenser
NittanyNP-DX60006.5" x 8.25"---1White24/2506000-
TorkDX9008.5" x 13"---1White12/5006000-
TorkDX6008.5" x 13"---1White12/5006000-
TarzanaCOXN8.5" x 13"---1White12/5006000-
BellemarqueJust1 #021226.4" x 10.8"---1White24/2506000-
NPS459466.5" x 10.25"---1White24/2506000-
Sysco45284386.5" x 9.85"---1White24/2506000-
GFS Choice2206208.5" x 13---1White12/5006000-
BerkDispense-a-nap6.4" x 8.86"---1White12/5006000-
CTC/Belfair125006.5" x 7.87"---2White24/2506000-