C122 Morsoft® C-Fold Towel

C-fold towels are perfect for commercial restrooms, in a kitchen or at the office. The Morsoft c-fold paper towels are an economical, reliable choice. They are compatible with most standard or universal c-fold paper towel dispensers in the market.

Our commercial c-fold towels also meet EPA guidelines for minimum post-consumer content and are designed for single-use or general-purpose cleaning and drying.

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Color: White
Size: 10″ x 11″
Rolls Per Pack: 12/200
Per Case: 2,400
Cases Per Pallet: 96
TI/HI: 12/8

Comparable Products

Comparable Products:
BrandSKUSizeCore SizeSheet/FootageRolls/CasePlyColorPackCase CountDispenser
VonDrehle524-W13 x 9-2400-1White12/2002400-
NittanyCFTAD240012 x 10-2400-1White TAD16/1502400-
NittanyNP-10240012.75 x 9.625-2400-1White12/2002400-
Kimberly-Clark0150010.125 x 13.15-2400-1White16/1502400-
TorkCB51010.125 x 12.75-2000-1White16/1252000-
TorkCB52010.125 x 12.75-2400-1White16/1502400-
TorkCB53010.125 x 12.75-2400-1White16/1502400-
Sofidel41018612 x 10-2400-1White16/1502400-
CascadesH18010.25 x 13-2400-1White16/1502400-
Georgia-Pacific2024110.1 x 13.2-2400-1White12/2002400-
Georgia-Pacific2060310.1 x 13.2-2400-1White10/2402400-
Georgia-Pacific2519010.1 x 13.2-2400-1White10/2402400-
Kimberly-Clark0150010.125 x 13.15-2400-1White16/1502400-
Kimberly-Clark0151010.125 x 13.15-2400-1White12/5006000-
Kimberly-Clark0292010.1 x 13.2-2400-1White12/2002400-
CTC/Belfair148010" x 13"-2400--White---
CTC/NaturaCFW240010" x 13"-2400--White12/2002400-