M1000 Valay® Small Core Tissue

An alternative to coreless products in the market, the M1000 small core toilet paper doubles the footage of most standard rolls on the market making it a favorite choice for commercial restroom tissues. Due to its high capacity, this small core toilet paper roll decreases waste with its 7/8” diameter inner core and requires less frequent refills. In addition to the roll’s compact design, this 2-ply toilet paper is soft and absorbent, meeting the high standards of a variety of environments.

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Size (Inches): 3.9 X 4.0
Core Size: .875″
Per Case: 36
Sheets: 1000
Cases Per Pallet: 48
TI/HI: 6/8

Comparable Products

Comparable Products:
BrandSKUSizeCore SizeSheet/FootageRolls/CasePlyColorPackCase CountDispenser
Kimberly-Clark040074.0" x 3.94"-1000362White---
Kimberly-Clark070014.0" x 3.94"0.75"800362White---
AllianceGEN 42337-----White---
Tork4728863.66" x 4.9"-900362White---
NittanyNP-36100024" x 3.85"-1000362White---
NittanyNP-3753.75" x 3.75"-1000362White---
NittanyNP-3764" x 3.75"-1000362White---
NittanyNP-48100024" x 3.75"-1000482White---
Georgia-Pacific193753.875" x 4.125"-1000362White---
Georgia-Pacific19371CT3.85" x 4.05"-750362White---
Georgia-Pacific193723.85" x 4.05"-1125182White---
Von DrehlePR3503.875" x 4"0.882"1050242White---
Solaris268213.75" x 4"0.75"1000-2White---
CTC/Belfair38403.85" x 4.05"-1000362White---
CTC/Belfair38503.85" x 4.05"-1000362White---