VT2596 Valay® Conventional Bath Tissue

The VT2596 is a conventional bath tissue that features 2-plies of soft and absorbent paper designed for comfort away from home. The perforated sheets allow for easy tearing, and the wrapped roll is perfect for stocking and storing.

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Color: White
Size (Inches): 4.0 x 3.25
Per Pack: 500 sheets
Per Case: 96 rolls
Cases Per Pallet: 30
TI/HI: 5/6

Comparable Products

Comparable Products:
BrandSKUSizeCore SizeSheet/FootageRolls/CasePlyColorPackCase CountDispenser
Vondrehle50224.3 x 3.61.625500962White---
Solaris217244 x 3.1-500962White---
NPS123254 x 3.251.625500962White---
Kruger059654 x 3.11.6500962White---
CascadesB0404 x 3.2-500962White---
TorkTM1616S4 x 3.8-500962White---