VT8010 Valay® Premium TAD Hardwound Towel

The VT8010 is a TAD hardwound towel that boasts excellent dispensing strength and superior absorbency to minimize waste and cut down on costs. The soft, pliable TAD sheets create a high-quality product that is ideal for both general-purpose cleaning and drying hands. This hardwound towel is a favorite in the food service, commercial, and healthcare industries.

Compatible with our VT1010 hardwound towel dispenser, this hardwound towel also fits most universal 10” towel dispensers, including GP’s EnMotion Dispenser systems.

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Color: White
Footage: 700′
Core Size: 2″
Size: 10″
Per Case: 6
Cases Per Pallet: 45

Comparable Products

Comparable Products:
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NittanyNP-680010EX10"-800'61White TAD---
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Von Drehle816T10"1.75"800'61White TAD---