VT8530 Valay® Kitchen Roll Towel

The VT8530 Valay® Kitchen Roll Towel features soft and absorbent sheets that are great for various tasks around the kitchen and more. The perforated towels can be easily torn to handle spills, wipe surfaces, or dry hands. Stock up & save!

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Color: White
Size (Inches): 11″ x 9″
Per Pack: 85 sheets
Per Case: 30 rolls
Cases Per Pallet: 24
TI/HI: 6/4

Comparable Products

Comparable Products:
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VonDrehle41009 x 11-85302White---
Marcal/Nittany063508 x 11-85302White---
Solaris4150411 x 9-85302White---
NPS3080011 x 9-85302White---
CascadesK08511 x 8-85302White---
GP273858.8 x 11-85302White---