Morcon Tissue is a leading supplier of commercial napkins for the food service industry. Available in both white and kraft and made from 100% recycled material, our napkins are perfect for any food service environment. Whether you need dispenser napkins, interfolded napkins, lunch napkins, single serve napkins, junior serve napkins or dinner napkin products, Morcon has a quality item to meet your needs. Not sure which is best for your business? Our knowledgeable staff is here to help! Morcon is more than just a napkin supplier, we’re a partner. We offer a quality product, at an affordable price, with dedicated customer service. Browse our napkin options below and call us at 518-677-8511 or fill out our contact form to learn more.

ValayTM Interfolded Napkin Systems

Featuring smooth, one-at-a-time dispensing and quick loading, our ValayTM Dispenser looks great, and when paired with any ValayTM Napkin, it reduces waste and controls costs. The most affordable solution for diners, convenience stores, pizzerias, and other high-volume applications, this interfolded napkin offers great absorbancy and durability.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPlyColorSize (Inches)Per PackPer CaseCases Per Pallet
4500VNInterfolded Napkin2White6.5 x 8.2512/5006,00063
5000VNInterfolded Napkin2Kraft6.5 x 8.2512/5006,00063
4545VNInterfolded Napkin1White6.5 x 8.2512/5006,00070
NT111Tabletop Dispenser — — — —24

MorsoftTM Dinner Napkins

Perfect for everyday use, our line of dinner napkins offers sturdy, absorbent napkins ideal for high-traffic areas, including break rooms and cafeterias. Looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint without breaking the bank? Our kraft napkins are an environmentally friendly and economic solution for any food service venue.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPlyColorSize (Inches)Per PackPer CaseCases Per Pallet
30100Dinner Napkin2White14.5 x 16.530/1003,00025
3466Dinner Napkin2White14.5 x 16.520/1503,00036
1717Quarter Fold Dinner Napkin1White16 x 1612/2503,00030
1717KQuarter Fold Dinner Napkin1Kraft16 x 1612/2503,00030
16250Quarter Fold Dinner Napkin1White16 x 1616/2504,00025
1517Dinner Napkin1White15 x 1732/1414,50030
1517KDinner Napkin1Kraft15 x 1732/1414,50030

MorsoftTM Beverage Napkin

This white 1-ply beverage napkin is a commercial product for daily use in diners, delis, pizzerias, cafeterias, and other food service locations.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColorSize (Inches)Per PackPer CaseCases Per Pallet
B8500Beverage NapkinWhite9 x 98/5004,000100

Dispenser Napkins

Featuring both kraft and white options, Morcon’s variety of commercial dispenser napkins are essential companions to any dining experience. The  classic, white colored napkins add a clean feel to any food service venue while the natural, unbleached kraft products provide more environmentally friendly options.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColorSize (Inches)Per PackPer CaseCases Per Pallet
D20500Tall Fold Dispenser NapkinWhite6 x 13.520/50010,00042
DN20500Tall Fold Dispenser NapkinWhite6 x 13.520/4509,00042
D712Low Fold Dispenser NapkinWhite6 x 1220/4008,00078
JR712Low Fold Dispenser NapkinWhite6 x 1220/3507,00078
D1213Junior Serve Dispenser NapkinWhite11.5 x 1324/2506,00035
1213KJunior Serve Dispenser NapkinKraft11.5 x 1324/2506,00035
D213Mini Serve Dispenser NapkinWhite11.5 x 1324/2506,00035
D213-KFTMini Serve Dispenser NapkinKraft11.5 x 1324/2506,00036
D1217Senior Serve Dispenser NapkinWhite11 x 1724/2506,00036
D1217-KFTSenior Serve Dispenser NapkinKraft11 x 1724/2506,00036

MorsoftTM Lunch Napkins

Our lunch napkin products provide a practical and durable solution for commercial food service environments as they are perfect for high-volume operations.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColorSize (Inches)Per PackPer CaseCases Per Pallet
L58642Quarter Fold Lunch NapkinWhite13 x 1012/4255,10030
L12500Quarter Fold Lunch NapkinWhite13 x 1012/5006,00025


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