Commercial Tissue

When you need commercial toilet paper and dispensers for your business, think Morcon. Our tissue products provide the trifecta of strength, softness, and quality. Backed by unparalleled customer service, our 1 and 2-ply bath tissue products featuring a range of core sizes and sheet counts are ideal for restrooms, cafeterias, offices, commercial buildings, sports stadiums, restaurants, and everything in between. Not sure which bathroom tissue is best for your business? Our team is available to help weigh your options. Give us a call at 518-677-8511 or fill out our contact form to get the conversation started.

ValayTM Tissue Systems 

With available features like 100% recycled fiber, 1 and 2-ply durability and convenient-to-use dispensers, our ValayTM tissue systems add a touch of sophistication to high-end offices, universities, commercial environment, and food service venues. Benefits include:

  • Elimination of stub roll waste
  • Pilferage protection
  • Adjustable tension control minimizes waste
  • Fully perforated and reliable operation
  • Less frequent changes = labor savings
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPlySize (Inches)Core SizePer CaseSheetsCases Per Pallet
M0304Tissue14 x 4.25.875″242,50048
M0340Tissue24 x 4.25.875″241,25048
M1000Tissue24 x 4.25.75″361,00048
M1007Metal Small Core Tissue Dispenser4
M1005Plastic Small Core Tissue Dispenser8


30 years ago, Morcon rolled out the Morsoft™ product line as a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive tissue brands on the market. Morsoft™may have a new look and an expanded product line; but, at its core, it’s a brand trusted for consistent quality, reliable service and great value. We’d love the opportunity to partner with you for the next 30 years!

Morsoft commercial napkins, bath tissue, and paper towels

MorsoftTM Specialty Tissue

Our specialty bath tissue offers premium quality and softness for at-home comfort in away-from-home environments. This absorbent product is perfect for commercial buildings, sports stadiums and restaurants, providing users with an improved restroom experience.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPlySize (Inches)Core SizePer CaseSheetsCases Per Pallet
M1200Tissue13.875 x 4.252″481,20036
M600Tissue23.875 x 4.252″4860036
M1500Tissue14 x 4.251.75″481,50036
M750Tissue24 x 4.251.75″4875036
M125Tissue14 x 4.25.875″242,50048
M250Tissue24 x 4.25.875″241,25048

MorsoftTM Porta-Potty Tissue

We have you covered with bath tissue products that meet your porta-potty and washroom needs. Our Morsoft™ M125, M2000, M1500-Porta, and M1500 Bath Tissue products are ideal for porta-potties, with benefits that include:

  • High-capacity rolls fit for small space constraints
  • Core sizes that fit any porta-potty dispenser
  • Longer footage that cuts down on service time
  • Elimination of stub roll waste
  • Cost-effectiveness (less frequent changes = labor savings)
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPlySize (Inches)Core SizePer CaseSheetsCases Per Pallet
M125Tissue14 x 4.25.875″242,50048
M250Tissue24 x 4.25.875″241,25048
M1500-PortaTissue13.5 x 3.52″481,50042
M2000Tissue14 x 4.25.875″242,00048

MorsoftTM Jumbo Tissue

Morcon’s soft and durable jumbo bath tissue rolls last longer, leaving you with fewer run-outs and proving to be an economical choice for any high-traffic bathroom.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPlySize (Inches)Core SizePer CaseFeetCases Per Pallet
129XTissue28.5 3.3″1250046
M29Tissue29 3.3″1270046


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