Commercial Towels

Paper towels are a staple for any business. They encourage cleanliness and help to maintain a sanitary and safe environment for all employees and visitors. Morcon Tissue supplies hospitals, restaurants, industrial, and commercial businesses with quality commercial paper towels and dispensers at reasonable prices. Browse our extensive selection of paper towels from c-fold and center pull towels to hardwound towels and more. If you are unsure which commercial towel is best for your business, our experienced staff is ready to help! Call us at 518-677-8511 or fill out our contact form to get started.

ValayTM Hardwound Towel Systems

The ValayTM Towel system features 100% recycled fiber, white and kraft options, reliable hands-free dispensing and a sleek dispenser that looks great in any setting – while still being good for the environment.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColorFootageCore SizeSizePer CaseCases Per Pallet
VT106TAD Hardwound TowelWhite550′2″10″645
VT100TAD Hardwound TowelWhite450′2″10″645
VT777TAD Hardwound TowelWhite550′.75″8″660
VK999Hardwound TowelKraft800′.75″8″660
VW888Hardwound TowelWhite800′.75″8″660
VT1008ValayTM Hardwound Towel Dispenser4

MorsoftTM Hardwound Towel

Our flagship brand of hardwound towels are an environmental and budget-friendly option that may be used for hand drying or general purpose cleaning. These smooth, nonabrasive towels are safe on most surfaces. Available in Kraft and white, these commercial products are the perfect addition to any washroom.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColorFootageCore SizeSizePer CaseCases Per Pallet
12300WHardwound TowelWhite300′2″8″1260
12300RHardwound TowelKraft300′2″8″1260
W12350Hardwound TowelWhite350′2″8″1260
R12350Hardwound TowelKraft350′2″8″1260
W12600Hardwound TowelWhite600′2″8″1242
R12600Hardwound TowelKraft600′2″8″1242
6700WHardwound TowelWhite700′2″8″660
6700RHardwound TowelKraft700′2″8″660
W6800Hardwound TowelWhite800′2″8″660
R6800Hardwound TowelKraft800′2″8″660
W106Hardwound TowelWhite800′2″10″645
R106Hardwound TowelKraft800′2″10″645
M610TAD Hardwound TowelWhite500′2″10″645
VT101010″ Hardwound Towel Dispenser4

MorsoftTM Center Pull Towel

Our center pull towels offer an economical and high quality choice for hand drying needs. This commercial product is designed for one-at-at-time dispensing right from the center of the roll, which helps minimize waste and increase efficiency.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColorFootageSizePer CaseCases Per Pallet
C5009Center Pull TowelWhite500′7.5660
C6600Center Pull TowelWhite600′7.5660

MorsoftTM C-Fold Towel

Our c-fold towels are soft, absorbent, affordable options for commercial restrooms of any size. C-fold towels are stacked, not interfolded, so that restroom users may pull individual sheets.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionColorSizeRolls Per PackPer CaseCases Per Pallet
C122C-Fold TowelWhite10.125″ x 11″12/2002,40096


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