Scott Case, South Carolina Operations Leader

Education: Associates in General Business & Associates in Management, Quality Control up to Nuclear (Military), Detective/Investigations School, Gang Investigations School, Active Shooter Training, Narcotics Training, and Leadership Training (Law Enforcement)

Scott Case, the Operations Leader SC at Morcon, brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a strong educational background to his role. With extensive military training including Quality Control, Scott’s foundation in discipline and attention to detail was forged during his service in the US Navy. Transitioning from the military, Scott gained manufacturing expertise at Duracell Batteries before embarking on a distinguished career in law enforcement, where he honed invaluable skills in investigations, crisis management, and leadership. His role at Morcon perfectly aligns with his varied career journey, allowing him to leverage his operational acumen and people skills. Beyond work, Scott finds joy in family moments with his daughters, Nicole and Brooke, and his granddaughter Gracie, alongside hobbies that include hitting the gym, grilling, attending church, and pursuing his passion for firearms.